Fully integrated production


For 25 years, SIMP has chosen to be based in Thailand, creating a production unit with 250 employees.


SIMP’s challenge? To design and manufacture high added-value orthopaedic solutions at the most competitive cost. The objective is not to subscribe to the logic of the lowest bidder but rather to that of the best provider.

- Selection of the best local suppliers (weaving, injection etc.)

- Complete control of manufacturing processes

- Quality control

- Certification with international standard of quality and regulations (REACh, ISO 13485, …)






Production manager, SIMP Thailand

We have put in place control processes using specific machines to test materials.

A partner for confidence

“Thailand has a tradition of weaving, which means that we can find the best suppliers locally. Working with the French provides us with the method and organisation necessary to meet European quality standards.  We regulary invest in new machines to be more competitive. The SIMP team spirit is important and creates a good dynamic with a highly motivated personnel who want to progress. Today, I am proud to be able to state to all our clients that they can have complete confidence in SIMP with regard to product quality. We work at this together every day!”



Sébastien RIANT

Senior industrial finance controller, SIMP Thailand

What to me is special about SIMP is that it has managed to combine the benefits of French and Thai culture.

A weaving of cultures first

“What to me is special about SIMP is that it does combine the benefits of French and Thai cultures. I have been here for close to 10 years and I speak Thai, and our production manager speaks French. That helps the dialogue! The idea for us was not to impose our European culture but to understand each other and enrich each other mutually to create the right mix. The Thais have a historic textile know-how to which we bring European organisation and methods in order to reach on optimal quality. The proof that it does work is that we have a very low % of non conformity.”