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Types of belt


We manufacture all types of belts conforming to the French regulation or not, all heights (H21/H26/other).


  • Lumbar support belt
  • lumbar belt
  • abdominal belt
  • elastic belt
  • belt support
  • belt against the skin (second skin)
  • strong belt (strength work)
  • standard belt
  • belt with double straps
  • specific belt (osteoarthritis, maternity…)



From your specifications, we define your needs in terms of products, uses and retail business. We offer you a large choice of components, manufacturing processes and design.


Sergé Bordures élastiques orthèse Baleines orthèses Velcro orthèses Orthèse avant-bras CRE_1292

Woven elastic fabric

Knitted elastic fabric

PU fabric

Elastic binding

Stainless steel bones

Plastic bones

Fastener elastic loop

Fastener non elastic

Classic fastener hook

Injected fastener hook



Assembly process

Tissu orthèses Orthèse pouce detail_orthese2      
Sewing Welding


Ultra sonic welding




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